South Africa Flash Flood Guidance System

Location: Republic of South Africa
Sponsors: South African Weather Service
Start Date: August 2017

HRC implemented its Flash Flood Guidance System for the South African Weather Service (SAWS) covering critical flash flood areas in the Republic of South Africa (RSA).  The System, known as the South Africa Flash Flood Guidance (SAFFG) system is the same as implemented in other parts of the world with refinements added for SAWS needs and requirements.   The SAFFG system supports SAWS forecasters in the development of advisories, watches and warnings pertaining to flash floods in the RSA by providing early identification of potential areas where flash flooding has a high likelihood of occurrence.  The system integrates real-time radar, satellite, gauge and model-forecasted precipitation data to support forecaster decisions.  Through its design and operational concepts, the system serves as a platform for enhanced cooperation of meteorologists, hydrologists and disaster managers. The SAFFG system provides coverage for the SAWS Regional Forecast Offices of Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth, and Cape Town that are affected by flash floods.  During the course of the implementation, HRC provide training on system operations through a series of workshops both at HRC office and onsite in the RSA.