Integrated Forecast and Reservoir Management (INFORM)

Location: Northern California
Sponsors: California Energy Commission; California Department of Water Resources; NOAA/OHD/OGP
PI/Co-PIs: Dr. Konstantine Georgakakos (HRC) and Dr. Aris Georgakakos (Georgia Tech Research Corporation)
Collaborators: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

The purpose of the Integrated Forecast and Reservoir Management (INFORM) Project is to demonstrate increased water-use efficiency in Northern California water resources operations through the innovative application of meteorological/climate, hydrologic and decision science.  The project included the development and demonstration of integrated operational methodologies to allow the utilization of climate and hydrologic forecasts and associated uncertainty to guide reservoir management decisions pertaining to hydroelectric power production, water conservation, flood control and ecosystem health for the large multi-purpose reservoirs.  The INFORM includes components for the generation of sets of likely inflows to major reservoir sites in Northern California on the basis of NWS large scale predictions and uses such to develop risk-based tradeoffs for the system of significant multi-objective reservoirs. As part of Phase III of the project, INFORM software has been made operational at the California Department of Water Resources as part of its Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations activities.

For additional information, please see the California Energy Commission Final Reports 2014,  2007 and the HRC-GWRI INFORM Final Report