Predicting Flash Floods and Their Risk in a Dry Climate

Location: Israel
Sponsors: Bi National Science Foundation US – Israel
PI/Co-PIs: Dr. Eylon Shamir (HRC)
Collaborators: Dr. Efrat Morin, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dr. Yehouda Enzel, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dr. Uri Dayan, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Flash floods are among the most destructive natural disasters; however, limited research has been devoted to their study in dry climate regimes. This project’s objective was to study the hydrologic, meteorological and related geomorphologic aspects of flash floods in the dry climate region of Israel and to understand the capability of hydrometeorological modeling to reliably predict flash floods and their risk in catchments at the regional scale.

An open source manuscript:

Shamir E., Ben-Moshe L., Ronen A., Grodek T., Enzel Y., Georgakakos K. P., Morin E., Geomorphology-Based Index for detecting minimal flood stages in arid alluvial streams, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 17, 1021–1034, doi:10.5194/hess-17-1021-2013, 2013. Manuscript