Integrated Forecast and Reservoir Management (INFORM)

The purpose of the Integrated Forecast and Reservoir Management (INFORM) Project is to demonstrate increased water-use efficiency in Northern California water resources operations through the innovative application of meteorological/climate, hydrologic and decision science.  The project included the development and demonstration of integrated operational methodologies to allow the utilization of climate and hydrologic forecasts and associated... Read More

A Comparison of Precipitation Downscaling Procedures to Guide Studies of Climate Change Impacts on Flooding and Water Resources

This was a collaborative project with Dr. Eve Halper from the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation), Phoenix Area Office. The project was funded by the Reclamation Science and Technology Grant Program under a cooperative agreement between HRC and the Reclamation Lower Colorado Region (Agreement # R16AC00024). In recent years, Reclamation and other agencies have been engaged... Read More

Water Management Services for the Panama Canal Authority

An integrated hydrometeorological system was designed and implemented by HRC for the utilization of data from various sensors in the 3,300 km2 Panama Canal Watershed for the purpose of producing real-time, spatially distributed, mean areal rainfall estimates, and rainfall and flow forecasts. These forecasts are used by the ACP (Autoridad de Canal de Panama –... Read More

Optimization of Water Resources Management in the Upper Santa Cruz River

This project involved the development of a one-stop portal Water Resources Climate Assessment Tool [WARCAT] that is designed to serve pertinent and timely information with respect to decision making for optimal water resources management and planning at the Santa Cruz Active Management Area (SCAMA).  To accomplish this, HRC developed a custom designed website offering a collection... Read More

Incorporating Climate Information and Stakeholder Engagement in Groundwater Resources Planning and Management

The project addresses uncertainties with meeting water demands in semi-arid regions for groundwater dependent communities where aquifers are being replenished by intermittent streamflow events.  As projected and observed climatic changes for the Southwest U.S. increase these uncertainties, the project was designed to employ a novel modeling framework and extensive stakeholder interactions to achieve the following... Read More