Incorporating Climate Information and Stakeholder Engagement in Groundwater Resources Planning and Management

The project addresses uncertainties with meeting water demands in semi-arid regions for groundwater dependent communities where aquifers are being replenished by intermittent streamflow events.  As projected and observed climatic changes for the Southwest U.S. increase these uncertainties, the project was designed to employ a novel modeling framework and extensive stakeholder interactions to achieve the following... Read More

Implementation of the WRF-ARW for the Seven Countries of Central America

As part of the upgrade of the Central America Flash Flood Guidance (CAFFG) system, the WRF-ARW mesoscale model was configured and implemented for a domain that includes the entire Central America region.  The application of the model to Central America was made by configuring a system of grids nested over the region.  The WRF implementation... Read More

Collaborative Research: Interannual and Seasonal Variability of Snowpack in the Sierra Nevada from Tree Rings

This is an interdisciplinary research project that combines hydrological and tree-ring data and state-of-the-art modeling practices to improve knowledge of temporal and spatial variability of snowpack, soil moisture, and temperature characteristics at the watershed scale in the North Fork of the American River, which drains into the Sacramento River from the Sierra Nevada of California. Through this project... Read More