• HRC Technical Report No. 1: Implementation and Testing of the HFS Operation as Part of the National Weather Service River Forecast System (NWSRFS) by J.A. Sperfslage and K.P. Georgakakos
  • HRC Technical Report No. 2 (4MB pdf): Design and Tests of an Integrated Hydrometeorological Forecast System for the Operational Estimation and Forecasting of Rainfall and Streamflow in the Mountainous Panama Canal Watershed by K.P. Georgakakos, J.A. Sperfslage, D. Tsintikidis, and T.M. Carpenter
  • HRC Technical Report No. 3 (9MB pdf): Distributed Hydrologic Modeling for Operational Use by T.M. Carpenter, K.P. Georgakakos, and J.A. Sperfslage
  • HRC Technical Report No. 4 (30MB pdf): Generation and Analysis of Likely Hydrologic Scenarios for the Southern Santa Cruz River by E. Shamir, K.P. Georgakakos, N.E. Graham, and J. Wang
  • HRC Technical Report No. 5 (24MB pdf): Integrated Forecast and Reservoir Management (INFORM) for Northern California: System Development and Initial Demonstration by K.P. Georgakakos, N.E. Graham, T.M. Carpenter, E. Shamir, J. Wang, J.A. Sperfslage, and S. Taylor
  • HRC Technical Report No. 6 (4MB pdf): Study of Extreme Precipitation Over the Panama Canal Watershed by J. Wang, E. Shamir, and K.P. Georgakakos
  • HRC Technical Report No. 7 (3MB pdf): Upstream Regulation Adjustments to Ensemble Streamflow Predictions by A.P. Georgakakos, H. Yao, and K.P. Georgakakos
  • HRC Technical Report No. 8 (10MB pdf): An Interdisciplinary Approach to Characterize Flash Flood Frequency For Mountainous Southern California by T. M. Carpenter and K. P. Georgakakos
  • HRC Technical Report No. 9 (13MB pdf): Global Flash Flood Guidance System, Phase I by K.P. Georgakakos, R. Graham, R. Jubach, T. Carpenter, E. Shamir, C. Spencer and J. Sperfslage
  • HRC Technical Reports No. 10-100 Reserved
  • HRC Technical Report No. 101 (3MB pdf): Harsit River Reservoir Modeling by K.P. Georgakakos
  • HRC Technical Report No. 102 (7MB pdf): Verification Guidelines for the Flash Flood Guidance System Component Products and Derivative Warnings by K.P. Georgakakos, T. Modrick-Hansen, E. Shamir, and  Z. Cheng
  • HRC Technical Report Series No. 103: Geometry Analysis of Radar Volume-Scan Elements for CAPPI Precipitation Estimation and Implementation of Training Code by K.P. Georgakakos and R. Banks
  • HRC Technical Report Series No. 104: Analysis of Weather Radar Volume-Scan Elements for the Estimation of Georeferenced CAPPI Precipitation by K.P. Georgakakos

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