Dr. Emilie Tarouilly is an engineer who joined HRC in 2024. Emilie has broad scientific expertise including ecology, water resources management, and hydrometeorology. She obtained her B.Sc. in Biology and M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from Imperial College, London (UK). Emilie then spent two years at Thames Water (UK), London’s water utility, where she worked on water distribution networks, the resilience of water treatment plants, and drought planning. Emilie then pursued her PhD at UCLA where her research focused on numerical weather prediction modeling of extreme precipitation. In particular, she has developed improved guidance for the estimation of probable maximum precipitation (PMP) for dam safety. Her expertise includes WRF modeling, uncertainty characterization, climate change projections, and design flood estimation. Dr. Tarouilly has published several papers and organized multiple workshops and conference sessions on PMP estimation.

Email: etarouilly@hrcwater.org