The Hydrologic Research Center (HRC) accepts visitors for their training, and/or for collaborative research with HRC staff in areas that will further HRC’s mission and goals. HRC visitors are classified as:

Student Visitors

Visitors who are seeking training experience and are enrolled in an institution of higher education during the academic year are termed Student Visitors. Student Visitors are normally hired on an hourly basis and their compensation is charged to on-going HRC sponsored projects. For Student Visitors, a recommendation letter from the student’s primary research advisor is required.

Trainee Visitors

Trainee Visitors are those short-term visitors seeking training experience in a certain subject, either as part of a short course organized by HRC or as a part of an agreement between HRC and the Visitor’s Institution of permanent affiliation. Trainee Visitors are expected to reimburse HRC for costs incurred during their visit, including compensation for time spent by HRC’s professional personnel for their training.

Postdoctoral Associates

Postdoctoral Associates are visitors participating in HRC’s research projects and receiving compensation by HRC. Postdoctoral Associates are normally with HRC for a one- or a two-year period for practical training after their doctoral degree. Their appointment is reviewed every six months.

Visiting Scholars

Scientists or engineers pursuing collaborative research with HRC staff are termed Visiting Scholars. Such visitors are normally faculty members in institutions of higher education or other research scientists and engineers on leave from their institution or agency of permanent affiliation. Visiting Scholars perform collaborative research with HRC staff in areas of mutual interest and which are in line with HRC’s mission and goals. Visiting Scholars are accepted for an initial six month period based on the provisions described in later sections of this policy. A six month extension is possible