Academic Courses

Dr. Georgakakos is an adjunct professor at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and has taught graduate courses at Scripps Institution of Oceanography such as:

  • SIO-209: Special Topics – Land Surface Hydrology

Course Description: Graduate level advanced introduction to natural processes that govern water occurrence and transport over the land surface. Topics include the principles of global hydrologic cycle and land-surface water balance, runoff and fluvial geomorphology, infiltration and subsurface water flow, evaporation and plant transpiration.

  • SIO-209: Special Topics – Readings in Hydrometeorology

Additional Academic Courses

An educational seminar on “The Role of Soil Water in Hydrometeorology was offered by Dr. K.P. Georgakakos at the Global Hydrology and Climate Center of the University of Alabama at Huntsville in 1996.

As part of an educational exchange program between the Hydrologic Research Center and the Georgia Institute of Technology, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dr. A.K. Guetter, then of HRC taught a 2.5-month graduate level course on “Hydroclimatology and Applications” at Georgia Tech in 1996.

Academic Support and Advising

Since the year 2000, Dr. Georgakakos served as doctoral committee co-chair for two students and advised them to successful completion of their doctoral degrees at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UCSD. One of those students, Dr. Theresa Hansen currently at HRC, completed her PhD thesis research at Scripps on historical and future flash flooding in Southern California.