HRC Supports WRNs Steering Committee Meeting in Geneva

HRC worked with the NWS to organize and participate in the Second Weather Ready Nations (WRNs) Steering Committee Meeting (SCM) held in Geneva, Switzerland. The goal of the meeting was to bring together professionals currently involved in a wide range of impact based forecasting (IBF) activities to share their knowledge and work towards a common international standard. The WRNs/SCM was attended by 33 professionals from weather, water, climate and disaster response backgrounds and included individuals from both least developed countries (LDCs) and developed countries (DCs).

The three key objectives of the meeting were:

  • To gain more experience and general acceptance of the project plans we use with the WRNs projects in country by including new WMO expert group members in the discussion;
  • To seek advice on improving our approach to these projects; and
  • To initiate a participatory process for the future that would have broad international involvement.

HRC participated in all discussions and provided presentations on Overview of the USAID-NOAA WRNs Program and Challenges and Opportunities in Program Implementation

This support is part of HRC’s program on International Impact-based Forecasting and Warning Services.  More information on this program is available at the following.

Presentations by the various speakers can be found here