HRC Hosts Four Tegucigalpa, Honduras Engineers for Training

Four Honduran engineers, Mr. Roberto Elias Granados Chain, Mr. Luis Andres Villafranca and Mr. Gustavo Selim Simon Hasbun from the Tegucigalpa Municipality – AMDC (Alcaldía Municipal del Distrito Central), and Mr. Carlos Fernando Diaz Flores from the Comisión Permanente de Contingencias (COPECO) Honduras arrived at the Hydrologic Research Center (HRC) in San Diego on 9 October 2017 to participate in a hands-on two week workshop with the goals to: (a) be trained on methodology and the type of software used for the high resolution surface runoff modeling associated with extreme precipitation events in three districts within the Tegucigalpa Municipality; and (b) support the development of sensitivity studies using HRC software to provide realistic mitigation measures for critical points in the districts. The physical processes of the modeling were demonstrated in detail to the four engineers by the HRC staff. The four engineers conducted analysis of flood mitigation measures and soil moisture balance, presented their findings and completed reports.