Climate Projections for Mining Sites in Mexico

HRC and the Center for Applied Hydroclimate Sciences at the University of Arizona (UA) are partnering with the Fresnillo PLC to provide climate projections of targeted meteorological variables for their mining sites in Mexico. Climate change impacts on the mining industry are detrimental; therefore, the partnership objective is to identify key meteorological variables to understand the risk, vulnerabilities, as well as actionable adaptation measures to protect the health and safety of the workers, build and design resilient infrastructure, secure water supply, and collaborate with neighboring communities.

In November 2023, Dr. Eylon Shamir, HRC Senior Research Scientist, participated in a Capstone workshop in Torreón, Mexico with participants from engineers and planners of Fresnillo mines. The workshop focused on identifying practical and actionable ways to deliver climate projection information to the mining sites. The HRC and UA team presented initial results of climate assessment for key targeted meteorological variables.  The initial results were well-received by the attendees and elicited fruitful discussion.  An important topic of discussion was how best to deliver the information to the mining site decision makers in a practical and useful manner.

Prior to the workshop, the team visited the Velardeña mining site at the State of Durango. The visit included tours of an underground mining site, a tailing storage facility, and the mineral processing plant.  For these tours the team had to dress up with the heavy protective gear and experience the strenuous working environment of the miners.


HRC/UA team visiting a Velardeña underground mining site


Velardeña Tailing Storage Facility.

The design, day-to-day management, and closure of Tailing Storage Facilities are critical mining components that require the consideration of climate change.


Participants of the Capstone workshop in Torreón, Mexico, November 9-10, 2023.