Dr. Rochelle Campbell joined HRC in 2010. Rochelle’s┬áprincipal interests and skills lie in the fields of hydrology, meteorology, disaster risk reduction and climatic variability. Rochelle has been involved in education outreach around hydrometeorology, disaster risk reduction and climate change in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Europe, Southern Africa Region, Central America and North America since 2001. Primarily Rochelle works with various stakeholders including; meteorologists, hydrologists and disaster management agencies to develop applied systematic approaches to identifying, assessing and reducing the risks of severe weather events in affected communities. This has involved public lectures, and workshops and discussion forums with general audiences, special interest groups, professional hydrologists and meteorologists and university students. In addition, she co-developed the Flash Flood Hydrometeorologist Training Program for the World Meteorological Organization with a focus of the hydrological and meteorological conditions necessary to produce flash floods. Dr. Campbell coordinates HRC’s training programs for its implementations of the Global Flash Flood Guidance systems. In addition, Dr. Campbell is currently co-developing and implementing the international Weather Ready Nations (WRNs) program. The WRNs program is a multi-hazard impact based forecasting and early warning approach to build capacity at National Meteorological and Hydrologic Services (NMHS) and National Disaster Management Agencies (NDMAs).

E-mail: RCampbell@HRCwater.org