In 2010, Dr. Rochelle Campbell joined HRC, bringing her expertise in hydrology, meteorology, disaster risk mitigation, and climatic variability. Rochelle has collaborated with stakeholders (e.g., meteorologists, hydrologists, disaster managers, and researchers) from the UK, New Zealand, Europe, Southern Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and Central and North America to develop systematic strategies to identify, assess, and reduce the impact of extreme weather events in vulnerable communities. She has delivered public lectures, organized workshops, and hosted forums, reaching a broad spectrum of audiences, from the general public to experts in hydrology, meteorology, and disaster management. She co-created the Flash Flood Hydrometeorologist Training Program under the World Meteorological Organization, emphasizing the specific hydrological and meteorological factors that can lead to flash floods. Within HRC, Dr. Campbell leads the design and implementation of the international Weather Ready Nations (WRNs) program. This initiative aims to empower both National Meteorological and Hydrologic Services (NMHS) and National Disaster Management Agencies (NDMAs) in developing and communicating forecasts and warning information about risks to foster resilience in individuals, groups, and institutions in mobilization (wanting to act) and empowerment (knowing what to do).