Publications are divided into three the categories as below.

Refereed Journals:
HRC staff have authored or collaborated on nearly 100 refereed journal articles. Refereed journals require a peer review process which helps to ensure validity and scientific integrity of research submitted for publication. Journal editors select 3 or more scientists from the same or related discipline to independently and anonymously evaluate the merit, accuracy, logic and originality of a submitted article. The reviewers are not affiliated with the journal. Their recommendations, suggestions, and/or reservations are submitted to the editor. The reviews are then forwarded to the author or authors, who must sufficiently address the reviewers comments. The cycle is repeated until the editor is satisfied and agrees to publish.

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Contributions to Books and Special Issues:
HRC staff have been invited to submit numerous chapters and articles to books and special issues of research journals.

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Technical Reports:
HRC publishes its own technical reports for internal distribution. Copies can be obtained by contacting HRC.

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