Mr. Jubach joined the Hydrologic Research Center in August 2005 and is currently the Center’s General Manager as well as Secretary of the Board of Directors. As General Manager, Mr. Jubach is responsible for all HRC day-to-day operations including all administrative functions and the management of grants and contracts.  Mr. Jubach supports the HRC staff for  various applied hydrometeorological research efforts including facilitating transfer of the results of HRC research to international government and private sectors worldwide.

He received his B.S. in Meteorology in 1971 from the Pennsylvania State University. Mr. Jubach began his career as a meteorologist with NUS Corporation, providing meteorological consulting to the nuclear power industry. After three years as a staff meteorologist with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, he returned to NUS in 1979, eventually becoming Manager of the Atmospheric Sciences Department and Manager of the Region I Superfund Field Investigation Team office for the Environmental Protection Agency. While with NUS, Mr. Jubach managed a large atmospheric dispersion field program in Southeast Brazil as well as represented the Department of Energy as launch support meteorologist at Cape Canaveral for two shuttle launches (Galileo and Ulysses spacecraft payloads).

Prior to joining HRC, Mr. Jubach provided hydrometeorological project management services for the International Affairs Office (IAO) of the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) in support of various international water resources management projects. Each of these projects involved the design and implementation of tasks related to meteorological and hydrologic forecasting technologies. These hydrometeorological projects involve design and installation of hydrometeorological monitoring networks, data management systems, data communications systems; application of meteorological forecast models; design and installation of flood early warning systems; determination of precipitation estimates using remote (radar and satellite) sensors and warning communications. Mr. Jubach coordinated all NWS activities in the Hurricane Reconstruction Program in Central America and the Caribbean following the devastation from Hurricanes Mitch and Georges in these regions. This effort involved evaluation and assessment of damage to the NMHS infrastructures, development of implementation plans and operations concepts for recovery and improved capacity of the services including flood and flash flood early warning systems, and implementation of all recovery activities.