Upon his graduation from The University of Iowa, earning a B.S. with Honors in Computer Science, Mr. Sperfslage joined HRC in June 1994, during its early beginnings.  Since that time, he has collaborated with Center researchers and engineers to implement a variety of real-time operational forecast systems now hosted in various countries and regions throughout the world.  Jason’s primary contributions to these implementations are operational system design, real-time data acquisition and pre-processing, database and systems integration, process control, graphical post-processing, system automation and user interface development.  Jason also serves as HRC’s Manager of Information Technology (IT), responsible for systems- and network-related planning, procurement, installation, administration and maintenance. Most of all, Jason enjoys the mutual collaboration that is required to implement basic research for public benefit, as well as the dynamic challenges that are inherent to HRC’s mission of technology transfer.  While relying on the research, development and modeling expertise of HRC colleagues in that process, Jason adds a unique blend of Computer Science and Software Engineering to the Center’s multi-disciplinary efforts.  In 1999, HRC’s Board of Directors awarded Jason with the Hydrologic Research Center Certificate of Achievement in recognition of outstanding service for HRC in the areas of software implementation and training.  Jason is a member of the IEEE, the IEEE Computer Society and the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).

E-mail: jsperfslage@hrcwater.org