Dr. Eylon Shamir is HRC’s Senior Research Scientist, where he leads the Center’s scientists in Research to Operation (R2O) tasks, development of new hydrological, meteorological, and climatological operational tools, and the research of pertinent scientific questions.

Dr. Shamir joined HRC in October 2003. He specialized in various hydrometeorological topics such as the development of land-surface models for flood and flash flood warnings, water resources applications and management, snowpack assessment, and landslides warnings. He also specializes in hydrometeorlogical data from meteorological radars, remotely sensed satellite data, and in paleoclimate studies using tree-ring datasets.
Another expertise of Eylon is the development of stochastic weather generators used for decision making and risk assessment. In recent years Eylon has been leading climate change impact assessment studies for water resources management and mining operations.

Dr. Shamir obtained his B.Sc. degree in Plant Sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 1995 he moved to Tucson Arizona and got his Masters in Soil Water and Environmental Sciences. Following his graduation, Dr. Shamir joined the Department of Flood Control Pima County as a Hydrologist working on the flash flood warning system. He went back to the University of Arizona to pursue a doctoral degree in Hydrology and Water Resources.

Over the years, Dr. Shamir has collaborated with scientists from various agencies and academic institutions and obtained research grants from the U.S National Science Foundation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Bureau of Reclamation, Israel-U.S.A. Binational Science foundation, Arizona Department of Water Resources, University of Arizona and others. Dr Shamir has published more than 40 scientific peer-reviewed journals, served on the editorial board of the Journal of Hydrology, mentored young scientists in various stages of their career (high school to post docs), served on various scientific advisory committees, and provided consultations on various hydrometeorological themes.


E-mail: eshamir@hrcwater.org