Hydrologic science deals with the occurrence, transport, quality and use of water. Our company and staff pursue basic research on hydrology, hydraulics, hydrometeorology, and hydroclimatology. Our goal is to advance the science and to facilitate, promote, and make feasible the use of science findings in applications for which water is important.

A notable example our applied research is the development of the Flash Flood Guidance (FFG) system which is being implemented globally to assist the National Meteorological and Hydrologic Services in various countries to predict and warn residents of impending flash floods. Another example is the Integrated Forecast and Management (INFORM) system used to guide managers of important water reservoirs in Northern California in order to maximize hydroelectric power generation without increasing flood risk or sacrificing competing alternative demands on reservoir resources such as agriculture and downstream ecology. You can learn about other projects by visiting the Projects category on the top navigation bar.

Besides research and application, technology transfer and training are intimate parts of our mission. The transfer of successful and innovative technology is an interactive process that typically involves hands-on training of personnel from host agencies or institutions. HRC also contributes to the training of new scientists in these areas by employing students and post-doctoral associates to complement our team of professional scientists and engineers.

HRC is governed by a Board of Directors. The Department of the Interior currently serves as HRC’s oversight agency. Support for our programs comes through the funding of meritorious proposals generated by HRC staff. Sponsors include U.S. Federal and State Government Agencies, United Nations Agencies, and Foreign Governments. As a public benefit nonprofit organization with 501(c) (3) status, we rely on and welcome donations to help us realize our goal of finding solutions to societal problems. Contact us for more information on how you can help.