Hydrologic Science and Engineering

  • Floods, Flood Warning and Flood Control
  • Droughts
  • Processes of the Global Hydrologic Cycle
  • Remote Sensing of Hydrologic State Variables and Fluxes
  • Hydrology of Environmental Pollution and Restoration
  • Energy Production by Hydrologic Systems
  • Hydrologic Applications of Artificial Intelligence


  • Precipitation and Surface-Runoff Processes


  • Land-Surface/Atmospheric Interactions
  • Hydrology of the Interaction of Land and Ocean
  • Hydrologic and Water Resources Impacts of Climate Variability and Change

Disaster Management Protocols

  • Warning Development
  • Warning Dissemination
  • Impact-based Hydrometeorological Forecasting

Technology Transfer, Education, and Training

  • Implementation of prototype systems for hydrometeorological forecasting
  • Implementation of prototype integrated systems for measurement, forecast and control in support of water resources planning and management
  • Hydrometeorological operations in support of disaster¬†management
  • Postdoctoral Associate training
  • Student internships
  • Short courses
  • Graduate and undergraduate university courses
  • Teaching materials, including internet-based and video training materials
  • Establishment of educational exchange programs with Universities and Federal and State Agencies