Since 1993 the Hydrologic Research Center (HRC) has been the nation’s leading source of applied research expertise for the development of sustainable solutions to global water issues. HRC was established as a non-profit corporation to bridge the gap between scientific research in hydrology and real-world applications for the solution of important societal problems that involve water. Since its founding, HRC’s research, education initiatives, climate change adaptation and mitigation solutions have influenced the water resource interests of over 3 billion+ people in more than 70 countries. These initiatives include disaster preparedness and response, the management of water resources, and the development of vitally important early warning systems for weather-related hazards, especially floods, flash floods and droughts. At a time when vulnerable societies are increasingly impacted by the emerging effects of climate change, increasing populations and water resource issues, HRC’s expertise provides mitigation strategies that save lives, protect health, and enable economic prosperity and long-term sustainability of local agriculture, water resources, healthy ecosystems, and natural resources.