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Sponsors: Georgia Institute of Technology
StartDate: 09/1997
PI/Co-PIs: Dr. Georgakakos
Collaborators: GIT

The goal of the research and development reported herein is to design, formulate, implement and test hydrologic models of the Lake Victoria contributing catchments which may be used with modern decision support systems for regional water resources planning and management. A total of ten large contributing catchments of the Lake Victoria drainage have been modeled. Their outlets are in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Their collective areas span the latitudinal distance from 10 N to 30 S, and the longitudinal distance from about 290 E to about 360 E. The modeled catchments account for the majority of the Lake Victoria inflow. The modeling software developed together with the required databases has been integrated with a decision support system in collaboration with the Water Resources Group of the Georgia Institute of Technology.